The addictions of several famous geniuses in history

The sciences in general, as we know them today, have experienced a formidable evolution for years. This was made possible thanks to the impact of certain people, rightly considered as real geniuses in their predilection areas. These men were passionate about the sciences, who made them famous, but they also had other passions than few people know.

Discover the hidden passions of Online casino of several famous geniuses in history.

René Descartes

René Descartes (1596-1650) is attributed to the fatherhood of modern philosophy, because he laid the foundations for this discipline. Brilliant mathematician. René Descartes has also affected several other scientific fields, making him a versatile genius. What few people know is that Descartes was a man like everyone else. He was sensitive to entertainment in various forms. He was for example, passionate about women, but also by common activities such as parties, fencing and play.

This genius was very attracted by the game. It may seem crazy, but he said he was more gifted in the game than in school. He was fully devoted to his favorite field, philosophy, without detaching himself from the game.

Blaise Pascal

This game has become essential in casinos, to the point of being called the “Queen of Casinos”. Indeed, roulette enthusiasts are counted by the thousands. The 3 main variants of roulette are based on the same principle: a game table made up of 36 boxes numbered from 0 to 36, except for the American variant which has a double 0.

Jérôme Cardano

Jérôme Cardano (1501-1576) was the illegitimate son of a judge. Unfortunately, this nature caused him a lot of concerns throughout his life. Despite all the discrimination undergone, he did not apuit on his fate.

Cardano is gradually interested in astrology, mathematics, classical literature or even medicine. Determined to follow this last way, he went against his father’s will, and the latter cut his food. So he had to find income to finance his studies.

He was interested in casino games. He relied on his formidable capacity for counting cards, and his extraordinary intelligence to understand and master the rules of casino games. He earned a lot of money at the casino, which allowed him to pay his studies until he graduated as a doctor.

In his book entitled “On Gambling Games”, Cardano looked at several probability theorems including the law of large numbers and the concept of power in the probabilities. It is rightly considered to be the father of the probability ’.

Fiodor Dostoevski

Fiodor Dostoyevski (1821-1881) is known as one of the greatest geniuses in literature. Truly passionate about psychology, he was very interested in man’s reactions in his societal environment. He made a parallelism with the game (as a whole), and devoted one of his books entitled ¨The Gambeler¨ to him.

In this work that has become famous, Fiodor recounts his own playful experience, because it should be noted that casinos were one of his biggest hobbies. Readers discover his passion there, but also valuable advice on how to approach casino games.

Claude Monet

Claude Monet (1840-1926) is a famous American painter, who entered history for his artistic talents, but also for a feat he achieved with the casino games.

Truly passionate about painting, he had trouble selling his paintings, and yet his talent was undeniable. He accumulated financial difficulties, and at some point in his life, he found himself dead end. In search of solutions, he found salvation unexpectedly: in casino games.

Claude Monet made this activity to have fun, and he has made a large sum of money. He used the fruit of his incredible success to relaunch his business, and improve his working environment. Thanks to the money earned at the casino, he resolved his financial problems, and he managed to perfect his work as a painter.

Casino games are based on the discoveries of geniuses

After what has just been said, an observation is essential: the casino games derive their essence from the significant contribution of geniuses in the history of humanity. Many of them intervene in one way or another, to advance this activity.

As a reminder, Cardano’s theorems on the probability are used today to establish the different game techniques to win:

Roulette is an invention of the mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. It is essential in the world of online casinos, and there are thousands of versions of this game. Illustrations similar to these are legion.

Also, several other celebrities have treated the theme of the game in their reflections. You can cite as examples Plato and Aristotle. A quote from the latter has become famous, because he said that “ You have to play to become serious. In his eyes, the game is only self -vein or an activity that only targets its own accomplishment. Obviously, his very questionable thought has been the subject of many discussions that were opposed to his way of apprehending play activity.

All these great thoughts and inventions have been improved over time, particularly thanks to the prowess of technology. Players now have a sophisticated game environment, and quality games. The game remains a source of pleasure and entertainment, open to everyone.

End word

Thanks to this article, you have discovered little -known aspects of the life of certain geniuses in the history of humanity. It may be difficult for you to accept that some geniuses you admire, were also passionate about casino games, and yet it is. Their love for the game did not prevent them from being efficient in their respective predilees.

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