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Reine of the game, online roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. By playing, you immerse in a particular atmosphere which cannot be described. All you have to do is try yourself in order to realize it. You don’t have to worry about the rules because they are quite easy to learn. What can sometimes be complicated in this game is the betting system that generates a cascade of action providing you with incredible sensations.

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Online roulette has known a real evolution throughout its existence thanks to the different technological advances. Today, to play this game, you have the choice between many variants.

Our review presents all the information you need to know on ROLETTE FR before you start.

Casino Roulette Online: What you need to know before you start

Online roulette is a game of chance that is played out thanks to a spinning wheel and a ball. The wheel has red and black colors and numbers from 1 to 36. Depending on the variant, the wheel can have 2 boxes for 0, one with one zero and the other with a double zero. The odds vary greatly depending on the fact that you play a roulette with a single zero or a double zero. Roulette boxes are put so as to guarantee alternation between black and red numbers.

With online roulette, the only aspect on which we have an influence is the area in which bets are put. Participants have the opportunity to play on an individual number or a group of different numbers. Of course, depending on your choice, the probabilities of occurrence vary greatly. The greater your chances of winning, the less the reversal report is substantial.

The types of online roulette games that you will find in American online casinos

If you have casino roulette as a favorite game, you really don’t have to worry. You will find this game in any self -respecting online casino. The types of roulette games are numerous and vary among other things depending on whether the wheel has a single zero or a double zero. We will dwell on this review on the 3 main variants.

European roulette

The European variant is the most famous online roulette game. In this type of roulette, the boxes are numbered from 1 to 36 and there is only one box of 0. You can bet on the numbers, one of the 2 colors (red and black) and on the columns . It should be noted that the advantage of the casino in European roulette is 2.7 %.

American roulette

It is a bit the opposite of European roulette, since it has a box of 0 and another for double zero. The number of boxes in total is therefore 38. The consequence is that the advantage of the house rises to 5.26 %.

American Roulette

For your online roulette casino, you can opt for the American variant that somewhat looks like the European. The difference is at the level of insurance bets when the ball is found in zero.

Thus, we advise you to turn, among the games offered, to the European version of the online roulette game. The way to play roulette comes down to various subtleties like the one we have just seen. Since roulette is a game from USA, multiple American words are used in order to describe the strategies that can be used in a casino game roulette in order to optimize your victory chances.

Main rules for playing online casino roulette

To play online roulette, it is necessary to know a number of rules.

Types of online roulette bets

The first rule is to know the different bets that it is possible to meet in this game.

  • Plein money
  • Carré
  • Red or black
  • Pair ou Impair
  • Column
  • Lack
  • Dozen on horseback

The course of a roulette game

Since you now know the different types of bets that you can use at the real or free money online casino, it is necessary to understand the game process and how to place your bet.

In this game, players start with the announcement of their bets by leaving their tokens on the carpet. The player then chooses the type of bet he wishes to perform. The dealer then exclaims: “The games are made”. In the case of the online roulette game, you may only be content to read this. The bets are then closed.

The roulette begins to turn until the ball stops on a box. You will then see if you have won or not. It should be noted that in the American variant of the game, it is possible to apply the rule of prison. This can result in a refund of a part or all of your bet by the house.

Top 3 tips for winning online roulette

Here are some tips to put into practice to get more likely to win victories with online roulette.

Know the different rules

You will be impossible for you to win the online roulette game if you do not respect the rules. Start by learning more about the types of bets and potential gains. Then you have to understand the progress of a game.

Play free

It is necessary not to start directly on the online roulette games. There are sites that allow you to play free of charge. By opting for the free version first, you will try to apply the different rules to make sure you have understood them. You can also choose the variant in which you feel the most comfortable.

Use a game strategy

There are several strategies that will allow you to win the Casino roulette game. In fact, these different strategies are made to help you better manage your bankroll. Among these strategies, we distinguish in particular:

  • The Martingale
  • To fibonacci suite
  • The D’Alembert
  • The plowing

How to choose a site to play the online roulette game?

To play roulette online, you must start by choosing a site. This step is essential because it will determine your experience. Here are some points to consider to make your choice.

The reputation of the site

Whether you opt for an online casino or a site that offers a roulette game, you must consider the reputation first. It is a question of ensuring that the establishment has a license and a secure platform, especially if it is one of the new casinos. Once you are reassured at this level, remember to check user reviews on the site.

Payment methods

You must also check the available payment methods and make sure they are varied and match you. To play Casino Games roulette, you will need to make any bets using various means of payment. Opt for a site that offers bank cards, transfers, online payment means, etc.

The quality of the games

Of course, the site must offer you several variants of the casino roulette game so that you choose the one that suits you best. He must have nothing to complain about on graphics and ergonomics, whether on a computer or on the phone.

Online roulette game with live dealer

The online roulette game can be played with a live dealer. For this, you will have to choose an establishment that offers this option. Live roulette allows you to enjoy a physical casino atmosphere while you are at home. Many game suppliers today offer this option to casinos who do not hesitate to join it.

Glossary on roulette terms

Advantage of the house: this is what the casino earns compared to the players. The advantage of the house varies depending on the roulette variant

Banque : The bank designates the dealer who is the representative of the croupier with roulette.

Games are made : This expression means that the bets are over and that the wheel will start to turn.

Make Charlemagne: Win a game without giving your opponents the opportunity to take their revenge.

FAQ (Frequently Questions)

Do players really earn real money with online roulette?

Yes, they win. Even if the game has few free versions, it is one of the popular online roulette games with the slot machine in particular.

Playing roulette for free online: is it possible?

Yes, this is possible because there are online casinos offering free casters. Do not hesitate to test the software, to assimilate the different rules, and to play without any danger. When you are perfectly comfortable, join the site and bet with real money.

How to have roulette software on my PC?

It is possible to download the roulette software on the online casino integrating the game. Once it is done, you will only have it to install it. Each American casino has its software. This means that it is necessary to download new software on each platform so that the games work. You can also bet on casinos without any download. However, it is necessary to register.

What do I need to play online roulette in USA?

You will just need a computer or a mobile device, but also an internet connection to bet on an online roulette casino. If you want to play with real money on an online Roulette Casino, make a deposit.

And finally, are casino games rigged? How do you know if online roulette is honest or not?

American real money casinos are regulated. An independent audit control them to provide players with a relevant gaming experience. Thus, trust the casinos that we quote in order to play real silver roulette games.

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