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Last update September 8 2023
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Just his name already gives you an idea of the style of play that you will discover. Mega Glam Life offers you total immersion in luxury life and glamor with a theme that revolves around material wealth. Since his first in 2015, the online slot machine has already attracted many gamers and the number continues to increase. Ready for the adventure? So follow us.


Designed by the virtuoso of Betsoft Gaming online slot machines, Mega Glam Life is a real discovery of the glamor world with a revolutionary concept that aims to find luxury objects. The more you find, the more your bankroll increases and gives you the opportunity to discover other combinations and get incredible bonuses. The game has 5 reels and 20 payment lines with a minimum bet of 0.02 euros and a maximum bet of 100 euros.

Even if some criticisms find that it is only a remake of The Glam Life, it must be said that this online game will appeal to more than one. Everything is done to get you a unique and original gaming experience. The Money Wheel mini-game gives you the opportunity to win one of the three jackpots involved by this slot machine: $ 3,233.47, $ 32,457.77 and $ 414,984.47. What make you rich and allow you to live fully in luxury and opulence.

Mega Glam Life is also:

  • 50 payment lines
  • Jackpot max 10,000 tokens
  • 5 playable max tokens
  • Symbols wild
  • Symbole Scatter
  • Multiplier
  • Free towers
  • Bonus games


With Scatter and Wild symbols, Mega Glam Life provides you with a good small palette of all attractive bonuses. Several bonus options are offered to you between free towers and jackpots, you will certainly find shoes at your feet. The Scatter symbols allow you to obtain in 8 and 16 free laps, while the Wild symbols will be used to replace all the other symbols in order to obtain good winning combinations. Obviously, you can hope to win up to 25,000 times your starting bet counting on the magic of Wild symbols.


The Betsoft game, Mega Glam Life consists as we said from the outset to find valuables in combinations. Align several precious accessories of the same nature on a line to grow your bankroll. The more value the precious object, the higher your gain. Everything is done so that you live a dream life.

The theme

Mega Glam Life is a game of New online casino focused on luxury life. And to be faithful to its theme, the developers of Betsoft have managed to put bling bling on all the symbols you will find on this slot. Between diamonds, yachts, private jets and luxury cars, the design of this slot machine alone is enough to make you want.


Even if some players will consider Mega Glam Life as a remake of The Glam Life of the same designer, it must be said that Betsoft wanted to offer an attractive slot machine. Not only is its design pleasure, but the possibilities of gain are high with an RTP of almost 97%.

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