Magic Portals: bonus offers, advantages and themes of the slot machine

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If you are fascinated by witches and sorcerers, then the slot machine Magic Portals De Netient is definitely made for you. Beyond the earnings you can get from it, this game immerses you in a magical, imaginative and impressive universe that you will love. So choose a legal and winning online casino and start playing!

Characteristic of the Magic Portals slot machine

The Magic Portals video slot is defined on 5 rolls, 3 rows with 25 fixed payment lines. If we are used to this configuration on most slots, the game itself seems very unusual with all wizards, witches, wolves, dragons and other symbols related to witchcraft. The game has three special features: the magic Wilds, the Magic Portals function and the Bonus Free Spin.

  • The wilds : There is no special Wild symbol, because each symbol can become wild. If the same symbols stop in the light gates on rolls 1 and 5, all the icons of these symbols become joker symbols. Free towers symbols are not transformed.
  • Magic portals: There is a magic portal in the middle of the rollers 1 and 5. Align all the symbols they contain will activate the portals, transforming all the similar symbols in the Wilds game.
  • Free Spins : If there are free spins symbols on the two Magic Portals at the same time, this activates free spins mode with 10 free rounds. During the Free Spins mode, 2 other random portals are added.


Magic Portals does not have a bonus or multiplier game, but is full of free towers and jokers. The symbol of free towers is a card on which is written a free tour in bright red ink. It appears only on rolls 1 and 5. If it appears on the left and right magic portals, it activates 10 free laps. Free spins can cause more free towers. The new towers won is automatically added to the current towers. You can get bonuses by selecting Online casinos reliable on our site.


The Magic Portals slot machine makes it possible to define the bet by modifying the denominations of the parts and the number of parts per line. The minimum size of a part is 0.1 and the maximum size is 1. at least 1 piece must be bet per line, while the maximum number can be 10.

Therefore, a player has the possibility of choosing bets in a beach of 0.25 to 250 coins. The game lines form several winning combinations from left to right. You can win up to 64,000 pieces. The game also offers a jackpot of 500 pieces if 5 Red Witch symbols appear on an activated payment line.

Theme of this slot machines

Inspired by wizards, witches and powerful magicians, Magic Portals takes you on a fascinating journey to a magic land. All the symbols of this game represent powerful and magical entities.

The red witch, the green magician and the blue fairy are the most remunerative symbols here, while different magic balls – looking, plasma and crystal – are the least paying. There are also the symbols of magic companions including the wolf, the owl and the dragon which help you create better winning combos. This slot machine has finally one of the best graphics and effects, which makes it ideal for ‘Game experience.


Nettent is one of the largest slot machine developers. His games are very popular because they reward players with big prices and are also fun to play. Magic Portals is no exception to this tradition. This 96%RTP machine, several free laps and is loaded with breathtaking graphics.

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