Ladies Nite: Best bonus offers and full examination

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Before starting our review of the Nite Ladies Slot Machine, let’s be clear: this game is not only for women. Although the title suggests a kind of sexual preference, the game welcomes, like most other casino games, both sexes. This clarification made, we can immerse ourselves, together, in the description of the theme and gameplay of the game.

Theme of ladies nite slot machine

The world of online games is undoubtedly an arena oriented towards men and saying the opposite would be distorting the situation. It is therefore pleasant to see a game more oriented towards the players. Capturing the images and sounds of a nightclub reserved for women, this online slot machine is filled with sparkling balls, cocktails and twisted servers. In terms of layout, the designers have done a good work of compartmentalizing icons, and have spaced them enough for it to be easy to follow the action. Indeed, while some players of modern slot machines often complain about the sensation dated to the games, one cannot deny that the clarity of this approach is remarkable.

Ladies gameplay Nite Slot Machine online

So now that we have established that the ladies games of microgaming is designed so that the players feel comfortable, let’s examine how you can earn money, no matter your sex. Obviously, if you play in the free demo mode of ladies nite on a Casino USA in Ligne, you will not be able to withdraw real money. But if you use this free wisely, you can certainly refine your skills and then use them wisely to earn real money. In terms of mechanics, the Nite ladies slot machines have five rolls and nine payment lines. Bets on this range of options start from only 0.01 room and jump to a respectable 1 -piece limit per line. In total, this means that you can risk 45 pieces per turn and if you launch the Jackpot combination (the “Glitterball Wild”), with which you can 10,000 pieces. Aside from the Glitterball Wild, the other main symbol of Ladies Nite is the torso-naked server. Floating and offering themselves to anyone needing a glass -or real silver -, this symbol will unlock a free towers bonus with amounts ranging from two to 500. In addition to that, the server will also triple all the gains accumulated during free towers.
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