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To play in an online casino, you need funds. idebit is a very popular electronic payment solution in Online casinos in USA And which directly connects users to their online bank without using a credit card. It is used by thousands of players a day to carry out their transactions on online gaming platforms. In this article, we will deliver all the information you should have on idebit while making a fixette on the best American casinos that integrate it into their means of payment.

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Idebit presentation and operation

Present in about thirty countries including of course USA, Idebit is a means that allows its users, particularly online casino players, to connect their bank account to their game account on an online casino platform. To use it, you just have to have an online bank account. Access to your funds is instantaneous and your operations are carried out in real time without using a credit card.

You just need to create an account or if you do not want to do it yet, perform your first operation as a guest. Then you log in to your online bank account by entering your connection information, to confirm the transaction. It should be noted that your information remains confidential and that none is shared with the online casino with which you proceed to the operation.

It is important to note that Idebit hardly works in the same way as the electronic payment portfolios. If these allow you to make money deposits directly on your account, Idebit constitutes an intermediary between the two accounts: your bank account and your player account on the Idebit online Casino

The reasons why Idebit is a good payment option

Several reasons can support the choice of IDEBIT among the list of payment means that generally proposes online casinos. We will make an inventory in this part.

Payments are secure and your information, kept confidential

Safety is of paramount importance for idebit and they make every effort to make your operations take place without fear. Your connection to your bank account is absolutely confidential. You and your bank alone have access to it. At no time are they stored or shared with the Idebit Casino American online or any other country elsewhere.

The connection phase to your bank allows Idebit to make sure that it is you really you who are trying to do the operation. This requires that the bank connection identifiers be entered and that you answer the security questions put in place by the latter.

Your personal information is transmitted with the greatest security using 128 -bit encoding technology. This protects you, and your personal data of a possible fraud when you do operations in an online Casino USA idebit

Your operations are accelerated

There is no need to remember that speed is undeniably a great asset in the world of online casinos with regard to deposit transactions. IDEBIT operations are done in real time and your funds are instantly placed on your player account at your online casino.

If you don’t want to create an account at Idebit yet, no problem. You can perform your first operation as a guest, which allows you to save time if you are in a hurry for this first time.

Likewise, you don’t use a credit card. You therefore manage your payments directly from your online bank account.

Transaction costs are advantageous in comparison with other means

At Idebit, there are no “false costs”, which we can often notice among competitors. You can therefore make your transactions in peace by taking advantage of low payment fees, for your delight.

You have no trouble depositing and withdrawing your money on a casino

Even if this component may seem obvious when you are on a game site in USA, you should know that some difficulties can show up on the horizon. Already, means of payments such as Paypal are rare on American casinos. Unless you have an electronic wallet such as Neteller, Skrill or Ecopyaz, your bank can block your transactions to a game site.

Idebit is a reliable and secure intermediary, which avoids “disturbing questions” from your bank or anyone has access to your statement. Your transactions are recorded in the name of Idebit and can be justified by any other purchase or online transaction.

How to make a deposit with idebit on an online casino?

You must first check if your bank allows transactions with Idebit. Only after this phase, you can follow the following steps:

Connect to your online casino site

Enter your identifiers to connect to your online casino. If the latter does not accept idebit as a payment method, you can always choose a American casino idebit in the list of the best that we have provided to you.

Access the reserved space for transactions on the online casino website

It is usually a “deposit” button or with any other type of clear text when you are on a computer. When you are connected to mobile, it can be an more -shaped icon in a top corner. Enter the amount you want to deposit.

Select Idebit from the means of payment

Scroll the list of means of payment and click on idebit. Note once again that you can use idebit the first time without prior registration.

Connect or make the transaction as guest

If you already have an account on Idebit, enter your connection information. If not, you can go to the site and follow the steps intuitively. It will only take you a few minutes. If you do not have an account and you do not want to create it, click on “Check as guest”

Select your bank and connect to your bank account

Scroll the list of banks that accept idebit and select the one you have your online bank account. Then enter the connection identifiers to your account and click on “Connection”

Approve the payment

Check the details of the transaction (the amount, the recipients) and click the “Approit” button.

It’s done, you just made a deposit on your online casino account from your bank account using Idebit.

How to withdraw with idebit?

The procedure to withdraw your funds via idebit is almost identical to that to make a deposit. It’s necessary :

  • Access the reserved space for transactions in your online casino then click on “Make a withdrawal”
  • Select IDEBIT then enter your bank information if this is the first time you have a withdrawal.
  • Enter the amount to withdraw then enter the requested details

The money should reach your bank account within 05 working days that follow the day you launched the operation.

Costs related to the use of idebit on a American casino

Transaction fees using idebit on American casinos are modest if we refer to what is done with other electronic payment options.

Thus, for the creation of an account or the registration, a payment from your balance available on Idebit and the transfer of funds from your player account on the casino to your balance, you pay absolutely nothing.

It should be noted that there are several levels in the process of deposit and withdrawal of funds via idebit.

For the deposit:

  • transfer from your bank account to the Idebit balance;
  • The transfer of the IDEBIT account to the American casino online.

Regarding the withdrawal:

  • the transfer of the Idebit online Casino USA to your Idebit account;
  • The transfer of the Idebit account to your bank account.

The deposit from your online bank to the account on the Idebit Casino USA goes to 1.50 CADs and the transfer of your IDEBIT balance to your bank account will take you 2.00 CAD. The other transactions are free.


By analyzing the Idebit offer in electronic payment on online casinos, it is easy to note that it is very interesting. The solution is highly secure, fast and guarantees the anonymity of its users. These are the often sought -after points in the context of online gambling. The prices, at the derisory limit in comparison to existing means, also campaign in favor of Idebit.


How to use idebit online?

Check first if your casino is among the online casinos that accept idebit. Connect to your casino, choose the operation (deposit or withdrawal) you want to make, select Idebit, log in if you have an account or do as a guest, select your bank and then approve the transaction.

Can we make a withdrawal with Idebit on an online casino?

Yes, absolutely, in all the casinos that use idebit, you can withdraw funds via this payment method.

Is it secure?

With in particular the guarantee that your data remains confidential and the use of 128 -bit encoding, it is impossible to doubt the safety of payments via idebit.

What are the best American casinos Idebit

A large number of American casinos integrate idebit as a means of payment. You can consult our list to choose the American online casino Idebit that suits you.

Can we get bonuses using idebit?

It may happen that online casinos offer promotions for their customers who use certain means of payment in particular. You can therefore possibly get bonus codes of the Idebit casino if you opt for this solution.

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