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Baccara is one of the oldest games of chance that has a lot of fans in the world. It is not surprising that he quickly found his place in online casinos. This card game has many versions and many developers have developed their models of this entertainment. One of such games is Baccarat Gold from microgaming. It is a model that suits beginners who want to get to know the baccara, because it is a variant with the simplest rules and process in one of the Casino USA in Ligne.

The general description of Baccarat Gold

The Baccarat Gold game was created by the company Microgaming which is one of the best software developers for online casinos. This title is distinguished by good graphic and technical characteristics. The design is very pleasant. There is the green table, the field for bets and a lot of animations.

The quality of all graphics, images and animations of Baccarat Gold is excellent which gives the player the impression of playing on a Baccara table in a real casino. In addition, throughout the game we hear a gentle melody that helps to focus.

The game process

The goal of the Baccarat Gold game of MicroGaming is to guess who will win: Banker or Player, that is to say that will have the most points. We can also bet on equality. The player launches the game, is the bet and awaits the result. There is no big difference between this model and the classic baccara of terrestrial casinos. The bets are following:

  • Punto – We put on what the player wins. The gains are 1: 1
  • BANCO – We assume that the dealer will be successful. The gains are 19: 20 (it’s the same as 1: 1, but with 5% casino costs).
  • Equality – the cups of the dealer and the player will have the same points. The bet is paid 9: 1

These three bets are possible and you choose the one that is the most real. At the start of the Baccarat Gold part, each participant receives two cards. It must be said that if the player or the dealer have more than 10 points, there are automatically 10 points.

Berry Gold Gratis and Mobile

Two options that are very convenient, these are free mode and the mobile version. To learn the rules of the game before betting real money, test the model for free. You can get to know the baccara process and principles to play with experience and win big in Reel silver casino online.

Another option that makes the game more convenient and available to players is the mobile version. The title Baccarat Gold in MicroGaming is available on mobiles. This option allows you to access entertainment at any time. In addition, remember that bonuses and special functions are available regularly on most online casino sites.

The goal of the Baccarat Gold game is to guess the winner of each game. The more we put, the more we win. But the risks are also important. This microgaming model has better technical characteristics, the convenient interface and immense gains. If you like this game, don’t miss the chance to play Baccarat Gold!

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