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Last update September 8 2023
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The legendary stories of a thousand and one nights live in a new format. The Fortunes of Ali Baba machine is offered by Play’n Go and recreates the story of a young boy and forty thieves on five rolls and 20 payment lines. You can play the Sous Alibaba machine immediately or find it in the Online casinos with a minimum deposit.
The rich graphics are impressive on desktop and mobile platforms. The features include free games that continue until thieves catch you, and where you unlock jokers and increasing gains multipliers.

Theme and graphics

Ali Baba’s original story and the forty thieves is a macabre story. Purchased dismembered corpses and thieves killed by boiling oil while hiding in vases are just some of the gore details. You will not need to have a well -hung stomach to appreciate the Fortunes of Ali Baba Slot Machine, because the developer, Play’n Go, avoided violence.

Instead, it offers us a game that takes place at the entrance to a cave, where symbols run on transparent rolls. Playing card icons, jewelry, spice bowls and a dagger are among the most remunerative symbols. Ali Baba, a thief, and the beautiful Morgiana are special bonus symbols.

The graphics are typical of high standards used by Play’n Go. The Arab style soundtrack decorates the game, helping to bring a little of the Middle East to your PC or your mobile.

Online slot machine bonus

Passing from the worst aspect to the best, Alibaba offers several bonuses and
Jackpots that make this game interesting. Here is an overview of bonuses and jackpots.
You are the jackpots.

Free towers

The oil lamp offers 15 free laps for 5 symbols, 10 for 4 and 5 for 3.

These free towers are not accompanied by special multipliers, new music or a different background.
These free laps are not accompanied by special multipliers, new music or a different background, which removes a little excitement when they are triggered.

Bonus Round

When you get 3 or more lamps, you access a second screen where two genius lamps await you.
genius lamps. The goal is to rub the lamp which contains a genius in order to win a
A bonus price.

The tour ends if you rub a lamp without genius.
The lamp will go out and you will be brought back to the main game.

3 jackpots

Alibaba offers three progressive jackpots: the major, the minor and the mini.
Jackpots. And unlike other multiple jackpot slot machines, the three progressive payments of this game are enormous.
Three progressive payments of this game are enormous.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Up to several expanding symbols after the basic game gains
  • Free towers where expansion symbols are not reset.
  • High volatility and maximum gain potential of 5,362x.


  • 95.89 % RTP (but beware of RTP forks).
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